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Site Last Update: 19 Jan, 2020

New Poll on Proverbs of The Month Posted Jul. to Dec. 2010

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We are announcing a new poll on the proverbs of the month posted July to December  2010. Let us know your favorite by casting your vote at The poll is on the right most column. If you are on facebook, use the African Proverbs Poll facebook application at .

Note: You can read the explanation of each proverb before voting by clicking on the text. Voting multiple times is allowed so long as you allow 24hrs between votes.

The six proverbs featured are:

* A well developed bush cannot lack or miss a useful tree to be felled.
* A stupid cow leads her calf near the road.
* You must treat the earth well. It was not given to you by your parents.
* A tree on a hill in the savannah is a meeting place for birds.
* One hand does not catch a buffalo.
* A hill with trees is the hand or finger of God.