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Site Last Update: 21 Jan, 2020

2011 African Proverbs and Sayings Calendar

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Happy New Year.

The 2011 African Proverbs Calendar is online on our African Proverbs, Sayings and Stories Website ( on the theme “Climate Change, Ecology, Environment” (including water and land rights).

We provide three possibilities:

  1. You can download the complete 2011 African Proverbs Calendar (cover page and the 12 months to make a total of 13 pages) as a pdf File. On the “Front Page” (“Home Page”) left click on the photograph of the giraffe at the upper left to view the complete calendar (the direct link is NOTE: You will need Adobe Reader that can be downloaded free from the Internet. You can print out this calendar and use it as a Wall Calendar or as a Desk Calendar. It can make a great New Year’s gift! Please let us know how you plan to use this special calendar by sending a message to: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .
  2. Or you can view and/or print out a particular month by left clicking on here on the upper top of the “Front Page” (“Home Page”) for the monthly version. Then left click on Jan 2011, etc. for either the pdf version (the direct link is or the html version (the direct link is
  3. You can also download the complete 2011 African Proverbs Calendar as Microsoft Word file (

To save the 2011 African Proverbs Calendar on your desktop from our website, logon to the website and you will see the image of the calendar on the left (photo of the giraffe).

Option 1

Doubling click on the image will open the Adobe PDF calendar on the browser. Wait for the PDF file to open. Then click the save icon (looks like a diskette) and select your desktop as the destination for saving.

Option 2

While on the website home page, put your mouse over the calendar image and right click your mouse, then select  “Save Link As” from the short cut menu that shows up. Then select the destination to save the file, i.e. your desktop.

Our 2011 calendar has the overall theme of ““Climate Change, Ecology, Environment”” There is a theme for each month (such as “Care of the Earth,” “Nurturing Trees,” “Planting Trees,” “Preventing Forest Fires,” “Overcoming Pollution” and “God’s Care of Creation”) that corresponds to the proverb of that month along with African-themed photographs. Special features of this 2011 calendar are maps of the countries where the proverbs come from.

This 2011 calendar includes a selection of 12 African Proverbs from 16 different African countries: Benin, Burundi, Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), Ghana, Kenya, Libya, Mozambique, Nigeria, Rwanda, Somalia, South Africa, Swaziland, Tanzania, Togo, Uganda, and Zambia. Cephas Agbemenu, the artist member of our African Proverbs Working Group, made a quick sketch map of Africa with the approximate geographical areas covered by these proverbs. It shows an amazing overall coverage of East, West, North, South and Central Africa The full explanation and meaning of the proverb including the “Biblical Parallels” and the “Contemporary Use and Religious Application” can be accessed by clicking on EXPLANATION.  A map of the country of that particular proverb can be accessed by clicking on the name of the country on the EXPLANATION page.

For this 2011 calendar we used African-themed photographs from a number of photographers and websites. Thank you!

Special thanks for the “Design” go to : Nicholas Adongo (Kansas, USA); Cephas Agbemenu (Nairobi, Kenya); Allan Babunga (Nairobi, Kenya) and Jennifer Ehrentraut (New Jersey, USA).

Your feedback is welcome.

You are invited to make a link on your website to this calendar.  Please tell others about this special calendar. There is a universal proverb that says What goes around comes around.

We are looking for a theme for the 2012 African Proverbs Calendar. Your suggestions are most welcome.