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Mar 6, 2007                 Proverbs of the Nkundo-Mongo Tribes in Belgian Congo (Zaire)

Wilma S. Jaggard Hobgood

Department of Africa, Division of Overseas Ministries

Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)

222 South Downey Avenue, Indianapolis, Indiana 46219

Copyrights and Permissions:  Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) permits free reproduction of the work for private use or for sale. Extracts or printouts of the electronic version may be reproduced freely.



Bonolu atanga bofaya ok'ise nk'okwala!

* English: The child considers his father's GUEST only a slave! 


Mbole (bolili) aobunga nyang'elongi. 

* English: The pointed red fruit of the "bosoombo" was confused as to (which plant near the root from which it sprang was) its mother. 


Oboz'ekucu;:botamba,--likuju aoy'obw'a ntaka! 

* English: The one who broke the GOURD was the tree:--the abdomen is beaten with blows (of the excited hands of the carrier of the water gourd.)   


Esongo aol'ekucu:--ofel'olaka lae? 

* English: The snag broke the GOURD:--why scold the resin (used for mending it)? 


Amby'ofel'ekae:--bokw'onko bobe.

* English: Stop finding fault with the GREENS:--that salt (used for seasoning is) bad.  


Jan. 24, 2007                 Umbundu Proverbs, Angola

W.H. Sanders

West Central Africa Mission



                        Umbundu: Epungu liwa konendela; omola sole kununulu.

* English: Early corn is best, so the firstborn is the one to delight in.


Umbundu: Esalamiho liulume ka li enda enda no posi.

* English: Labor has sure reward.


Umbundu: Esunju halonyoha, ociluli halongue.

* English: Do not imagine that pleasure and blessedness inhere in having to do with dangerous, unholy things.  If you tuloka lolongue you will one day be eaten.  If you go to whites and borrow, do not imagine yourself fortunate.  You are playing with fire, (ka li ka kala polu sango olonyohasi).


Umbundu: Etako lia muine omangu, utima ka wa muine omangu.

* English: Body is easily satisfied but not the heart.


Umbundu: Eteke limosi li fa onjamba, ka li voli onjamba.

* English: There is no hurry about the matter in hand.


Umbundu: Eteke liocilunga oku iya lomue wivaluka oku lia.

* English: In the larger affairs the minor are forgotten.