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December, 2001

27 Dec. 2001    

"A home without a mother is a desert."
- (Eritrean proverb)

21 Dec. 2001    

"A camel does not joke about the hump of another camel."
- (Guinea proverb)

19 Dec. 2001    

"When an elephant combats, it is the grass that suffers."
- (Kikuyu proverb)

13 Dec. 2001    

"Elderliness is not a disease, but a richness."
- (Kiganda proverb)

11 Dec. 2001    

"When others have received, you may still receive, because God is always present."
- (Burundian proverb)

06 Dec. 2001    

"Those who respect the elderly pave their own road toward success."
- (African proverb)

04 Dec. 2001    

"The tracks of the elephant cancels those of the antelope."
- (Duala proverb)


November, 2001

27 Nov. 2001    

"If you are a flag follow the wind."
- (Swahili proverb)

27 Nov. 2001    

"The wiseman's promises are like dew on the field."
- (Nilotic proverb)

26 Nov. 2001    

"The goat eats the grass where it is tied."
- (Bamoun proverb)

21 Nov. 2001    

"If you are a flag follow the wind."
- (Swahili proverb)

20 Nov. 2001    

"There is no hiding place on the water surface."
- (Balari proverb)

19 Nov. 2001    

"The villager who always complains and is never satisfied with anything is like an annoying flea on the foot."
- (Nilotic proverb)

13 Nov. 2001    

"Wind makes more noise among the trees."
- (Kikuyu proverb)

12 Nov. 2001    

"Remember, after the storm there will be a rainbow."
- (Nilotic proverb

09 Nov. 2001    

"When the webs of the spider join, they can trap a lion."
- (Ethiopian proverb)

07 Nov. 2001    

"When your finger is in pain, your sight is not lazy."
- (Ekonda proverb)

October, 2001

30 Oct. 2001    

"Disease and disasters come and go like rain, but health is like the sun that illuminates the entire village."
- (Luo proverb)

29 Oct. 2001    

"Good actions are nourishment for youths, much more than words."
- (North African proverb)

25 Oct. 2001    

"The rain falls on only one roof."
- (Cameroon proverb)

23 Oct. 2001    

"When the lion gets old even flies attack him."
- (Wadchagga proverb)

22 Oct. 2001    

"It is better to have no law than not enforcing it."
- (Bantu proverb)

19 Oct. 2001    

"The owner of the house knows where his roof leaks."
- (Bornu proverb)

18 Oct. 2001    

"Who wakes and rises at the first cry of the songbird collects the best fruit of the night."
- (Beti proverb)

17 Oct. 2001    

"The leopard's skin is beautiful, but his heart evil."
- (Baluba proverb)

15 Oct. 2001    

"Who listens to the voice of the elderly is like a strong tree; who turns a deaf ear is like a twig in the wind."
- (Nilotic proverb)

12 Oct. 2001    

"A lie can annihilate a thousand truths."
- (Ashanti proverb)

10 Oct. 2001    

"No matter how full the river is, it wants to swell further."
- (Congolese proverb )

09 Oct. 2001    

"During a storm you do not take shelter under just one roofing tile."
- (Bayansi proverb)

September, 2001

28 Sep. 2001    

"Only what you have combated for will last."
- (Yoruba proverb)

25 Sep. 2001    

"The wise are as rare as eagles that fly high in the sky."
- (Bantu proverb)

24 Sep. 2001    

"Working in the fields is hard, but hunger is harder."
- (Nilotic proverb)

17 Sep. 2001    

"Where the cattle does not graze, the warriors pass."
- (Nilotic proverb)

12 Sep. 2001    

"Evil penetrates like a needle and then becomes like an oak tree."
- (Ethiopian proverb)

10 Sep. 2001    

"The drums of war are the drums of hunger."
- (South African proverb)

04 Sep. 2001    

"The death of an elderly man is like a burning library."
- (Ivorian proverb)

August, 2001

30 Aug. 2001    

"A dog knows the places he is thrown food."
- (Acholi proverb)

29 Aug. 2001

"If the tiger sits, do not think it is out of respect."
- (Nilotic proverb).

28 Aug. 2001

"Once the mushroom has sprouted from the earth, there is no turning back."
-(Luo proverb)

24 Aug. 2001

"The hunter that speaks too much, goes home empty handed."
-(Nilotic proverb)

23 Aug. 2001

"Hunger pushes the hippopotamus out of the water."
- (Luo proverb)

09 Aug. 2001

"A dog knows the places he is thrown food."
- (Acholi proverb)

08 Aug. 2001

"A child's lie is like a dead fish in a pond that in the end, always comes to the surface", explains his mother.
- (Luo proverb)

06 Aug. 2001

"If the metal is not good, you cannot take it out on the blacksmith."
- (Ekonda proverb)

03 Aug. 2001

"The owner of the dog does not obey his dog."
- (Pigmei proverb)

01 Aug. 2001

"If he is not lost, do not look for him."
- (Baoul‚ proverb)

July, 2001

31 July 2001

"Asking questions is not silly."
- (Swahili proverb)

30 July 2001

"If you kill a little hippopotamus, you also kill his mother."
- (Bangala proverb)

26 July 2001

"Every stream has its source."
- (Zulu proverb)

24 July 2001

"Every man leaves his footprints."
- (Nilotic proverb)

20 July 2001

"Equality is difficult, but superiority is painful."
- (Serere proverb)

19 July 2001

"A sandstorm passes; the stars remain."
- (Nilotic proverb)

18 July 2001

"The injured animal is covered with flies."
- (Nilotic proverb)

17 July 2001

"A village without elderly is like a well without water."
- (Nilotic proverb)

16 July 2001

"A father without sons is like a bow without arrows."
-(Nilotic proverb)

13 July 2001

"Old and new millet seeds end up in the same mill."
- (Acholi proverb)

12 July 2001

"A dog does not enter a home where they suffer from hunger."
- (Mongo proverb)

June, 2001

27 June 2001

"A nice day, a gift for a street peddlar".
- (Swahili proverb)

26 June 2001

"If you do not seal the holes, you will have to rebuild the walls".
- (Swahili proverb)

25 June 2001

"Who mistrusts everybody is the real enemy of the village".
- (Nilotic proverb )

20 June 2001

"I have to learn how to walk on three legs says the hyena for when I am old".
- (Bambara proverb)

19 June 2001

"Passion and hatred are children of intoxicating beverages".
- (Azande proverb)

15 June 2001

"The tail of the cow watches to the right and left".
- (Wachagga proverb)

14 June 2001

"The heart of an evil person is never pure".
- (Bamileke proverb)

13 June 2001

"Who guards two termite hills, returns empty handed".
- (Bahaya proverb)

11 June 2001

"It is easier to transport an ant hill than exercise authority in a village".
- (Mongo proverb)

07 June 2001

"The day never turns back again".
-(Tupur proverb)

06 June 2001

"If you chase away an ant, all the ants will come and bite you".
-(Pigmei proverb)

04 June 2001

"A youth that does not cultivate friendship with the elderly is like a tree without roots".
- (Ntomba proverb)

01 June 2001

"Also the black cow produces white milk".
- (Mandingue proverb)

May, 2001

31 May 2001

"The mouth of an elderly man is without teeth, but never without words of wisdom".

30 May 2001

"It is strange! The ox eats hay and the dog eats bread, while the donkey carries wine but drinks water (who works more receives less)".
- (Galla proverb)

29 May 2001

"If you shake a dog, you shake his owner".
- (Rwandan proverb)

27 May 2001

"Stretch your legs the length of your bed".
- (Swahili proverb) (BO

25 May 2001

"Flies' legs, like the tongue of critics, land on whatever they find".
- (Duala proverb)

24 May 2001

"The rich is never satisfied".
- (Bayombe proverb)

23 May 2001

"We work on the surface, the depths are a mystery".
- (Bahaya proverb)

22 May 2001

"You cannot teach the old gorilla the road".
- (Fang proverb)

21 May 2001

"The voyager's path is marked by the stars and not the sand dunes".
- (Nilotic proverb)

17 May 2001

"The best blessing for a good harvest is a pumpkin full of sweat".
- (Minah proverb)

16 May 2001

"Only the feet of the voyager know the path".
- (Nilotic proverb)

15 May 2001

"Harsh words hurt more than a poisonous arrow".
- (Nilotic proverb)

14 May 2001

"Who tells the truth is never wrong".
- (Swahili proverb)

11 May 2001

"You cannot hide the smoke of the hut you set on fire".
- (Burundian proverb) ( BO)

10 May 2001

"You do not teach a giraffe to run".
- (Bantu proverb)

07 May 2001

"A pilgrim, even if a sultan, is poor".
- (Nilotic proverb)

03 May 2001

"A monkey cannot dare what an elephant can".
- (Duala proverb)

02 May 2001

"The thorn will come out from where it went in".
- (Bamileke proverb)

April, 2001

27 April 2001

"A friend is like a source of water during a long voyage".
- (Nilotic proverb). ( BO)

26 April 2001

"If you have a lot, give some of your possessions; if you have little; give some of your heart."
- (Nilotic proverb)

24 April 2001

"A mother's tenderness for her children is as discreet as the dwe that kisses the earth."
- (Nilotic proverb)

23 April 2001

"There is more wisdom in listening than in speaking."
- (Nilotic proverb) (BO

20 April 2001

"A united family eats from the same plate."
- (Kiganda proverb).

19 April 2001

"What the chief likes is not always what the youths like."
- (Bamileke proverb)

13 April 2001

"A friend works in the light of the sun, an enemy in the dark."
- (Nilotic proverb)

12 April 2001

"The bridge is repaired only when someone falls in the water."
- (Somali proverb)

10 April 2001

"No matter how early one awakes, the sun does not rise first."
- (Nilotic proverb)

6 April 2001

"The mouth makes debts, but the arms pay."
- (Ewe proverb)

5 April 2001

"God provides for the blind vulture"."
- (Bambara proverb)

4 April 2001

"The hunter knows his prey."
- (Nilotic proverb)

4 April 2001

"Between brothers, whether the trial is won or lost, makes no difference."
- (Ekonda proverb)

02 April 2001

"The river swells from the little streams."
- (Bateke proverb)

March, 2001

30 March 2001

"A friend is someone you share the path with".
- (Nilotic proverb)

29 March 2001

"Until the snake is dead, do not drop the stick".
- (Ivorian proverb)

28 March 2001

"Only a mother can understand the suffering of a son".
- (Arab proverb)

27 March 2001

"The bull should be taken by the horns, a man at his word".
- (Bantu proverb)

22 March 2001

"A united family eats from the same plate".
- (Kiganda proverb)

21 March 2001

"Who does not choose dies of hunger".
- (Arab proverb)

20 March 2001

"Little by little the bird builds its nest".
- (Moussi proverb)

19 March 2001

"The words of the elderly are as sweet as honey, but if you do not listen they become as sour as bile".
- (Arab proverb)

16 March 2001

"Discord between the powerful is a fortune for the poor".
- (Arab proverb)

15 March 2001

"A knife does not fear thorns, a woman fears man".
- (Mongo proverb)

14 March 2001

"Youths are like waves of the sea, the elderly have strength instead of tide".
-(Arab proverb)

13 March 2001

"Youths talk first and then listen, the elderly listen and then talk".
- (Nilotic proverb)

12 March 2001

"Where there are poor, there are rich. But where there is justice, they are all brothers".
- (Arab proverb)

09 March 2001

"The wind does not break a tree that bends".
- (Sukuma proverb)

08 March 2001

"In the desert of life the wise travel by caravan, while the fool prefers to travel alone".
-(Arab proverb)

07 March 2001

"Who made the drum knows best what is inside".
- (Burundian proverb) (BO

06 March 2001

"Man is like a palm on the beach; moving with the wind of life".
- (Arab proverb)

05 March 2001

"The jaws have nothing to chew if the feet do not walk".
-(Bakusu proverb)

February, 2001

26 February 2001

"Who digs the well should not be refused water."
- (Swahili proverb)

23 February 2001

"One is not born a warrior, you become one."
- (Arab proverb)

22 February 2001

"A friend is like a water source for a long journey."
- (Nilotic proverb)

21 February 2001

"The thoughts of the wise are like stars in the galaxy: never ending."
- (North African)

20 February 2001

"The men are the wool of the tribe, but the women are the ones who weave the pattern."
- (Arab proverb)

14 February 2001

"Do not wait until tomorrow to hunt."
- (Nilotic proverb)

13 February 2001

"Those who waste time only hurt themselves."
- (North African proverb)

12 February 2001

"Youths look at the future, the elderly at the past, our ancestors live in the present."
- (Nilotic proverb)

08 February 2001

"When a lion roars, he does not catch game".
- (Acholi proverb)

07 February 2001

"A guest is a gift, a thief a tragedy."
- (Nilotic proverb)

06 February 2001

"The wisdom of the elderly is like the sun, it illuminates the village and the great river."
- (Nilotic proverb)

02 February 2001

"Who does not understand a look, cannot understand long explanations."
- (Arabic proverb)

01 February 2001

"A rich man who does not know himself is worth less than a poor man who does".
- (Burundian proverb)

January, 2001

30 January 2001

"During the dry season it is better to befriend the owner of the pirogue".
- (African proverb)

25 January 2001

"The tears running down your face do not blind you".
- (Togolese proverb)

24 January 2001

"You can live without a brother but not without a friend".
- (Arabic proverb)

19 January 2001

"The worm that gnaws on the bean is the one inside the bean".
- (Congolese proverb)

16 January 2001

"Loving someone that does not love you is like loving the rain that falls in the forest".
- (Western African proverb)

15 January 2001

"Love is like a rice plant; transplanted, it can grow elsewhere".
- (Madagascan proverb)

10 January 2001

"Walking in two is medicine".
- (Macua proverb, Mozambique)


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