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Site Last Update: 16 Dec, 2019
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December, 2000

22 December 2000

A Quarter of an hour is worth more than a thousand gold coins.
- Chinese proverb.

21 December 2000

Alone a youth runs fast, with an elder slow, but together they go far.
- Luo proverb.

19 December 2000

Charity is a silent prayer.
- Arabic proverb.

18 December 2000

A man's heart is not a sack open to all.
- Rwandan proverb.

15 December 2000

A mother is like a kernel, crushed by problems but strong enough to overcome them.
- Balari proverb.

14 December 2000

Do not put your head in front of your words.
- Tupuri proverb. (BO

13 December 2000

An empty sack cannot stand.
- Mandingue proverb.

12 December 2000

The heart is not a knee, it does not bend.
- Peul proverb.

11 December 2000

When your beard appears, childhood disappears.
- Rwandan proverb.

07 December 2000

The same water never runs into the same river.
- Ethiopian proverb.

06 December 2000

An undecided man is the worst disaster of the village.
- Nilotic proverb.

05 December 2000

Where there is abundance, there is poverty.
- Palestinian proverb.

04 December 2000

Who has no past, has no future.
- Palestinian proverb.

01 December 2000

If you are injured by a thorn, you will be healed by a thorn.
- Toma proverb.

November, 2000

30 November 2000

Where a river flows, there is abundance.
- Nilotic proverb.

27 November 2000

Hearing is not seeing.
- Swahili proverb.

24 November 2000

A generous man must eat if he wants to continue to be one.
- Nilotic proverb.

23 November 2000

Words can kill before arms.
- Nilotic proverb.

22 November 2000

A village without elderly is like a tree without roots.
- Nilotic proverb.

20 November 2000

Intelligence is a fruit picked in the nieghbour's garden.
- Batabwa proverb.

17 November 2000

Who created thunder does not fear it.
- Bahunde proverb.

16 November 2000

Eyes watch but cannot take.
- Bahaya proverb.

15 November 2000

When your neighbour is wrong you point a finger, but when you are wrong you hide.
- Ekonda proverb.

14 November 2000

You only understand the joys of parenthood when you have your first child, you only understand the mystery of death when in mourning.
- Bahaya proverb.

13 November 2000

Equality is not easy, but superiority is painful.
- Serere proverb.

10 November 2000

The monkey is a thief because it does not work.
- Tupuri proverb.

08 November 2000

You think of water when the well is empty.
- Ethiopian proverb.

07 November 2000

If you really love something, your fate is in its hands.
- Tupuri proverb.

06 November 2000

It is easier to transport a termite hill than have authority in a village.
- Duala proverb.

03 November 2000

One should not beg with a basket.
- Duala proverb.

02 November 2000

Who has shoes does not fear thorns.
- Ewe proverb.

October, 2000

31 October 2000

Drums are never beat without reason.
- Kiganda proverb.

30 October 2000

Eggs and metal should not be put in the same sack.
- Ewe proverb.

27 October 2000

The youth walks faster than the elderly but the elderly knows the road.
- Nilotic proverb.

26 October 2000

The bird has no nest, but a branch to rest on.
- Bangwana proverb.

24 October 2000

What appears beautiful is not always good for you.
- Chinese proverb.

23 October 2000

Study without reflection is a waste of time, reflection without study is dangerous.
- Chinese proverb.

20 October 2000

Those who sacrifice their conscience to ambition burn a painting to obtain ashes.
- Chinese proverb.

19 October 2000

Who does not know the path should ask.
- Nilotic proverb.

18 October 2000

The heart is not a knee, it does not bend.
- Peul proverb.

17 October 2000

A trial between brothers has no winners or losers.
- Ekonda proverb.

16 October 2000

Rumours generate misunderstandings.
- Libinza proverb.

13 October 2000

One glass can ruin all the beer.
- Tupuri proverb.

12 October 2000

It is easy to pull a thorn out of someone else's skin.
- Burundian proverb.

11 October 2000

The wise man never takes a step too long for his leg.
- Egyptian proverb.

10 October 2000

The river swells with the contribution of the small streams.
- Bateke proverb.

09 October 2000

If your corn field is far from your home, the birds will eat your corn.
- Pigmei proverb.

06 October 2000

What the people think cannot be denied.
- Basakata proverb.

05 October 2000

Those who do not listen to the voice of the elderly are like trees without roots.
- Luo proverb.

03 October 2000

An abundance of food at your neighbour's will not satisfy your hunger.
- Bayaka proverb.

September, 2000

29 September 2000

'War has no eyes.'
- Swahili proverb.

28 September 2000

'If a father does not cultivate, the son does not inherit land.'
- Ekonda proverb.

27 September 2000

'Beating drums is fun, but also tiring.'
- Bangala proverb.

26 September 2000

'Only God generates, man only educates.'
- Rwandan proverb.

25 September 2000

'You learn how to cut down trees cutting them down.'
- Bateke proverb.

20 September 2000

'A wrong step by the leader is a warning for those following.'
- Bayombe proverb.

19 September 2000

'When in someone else's home leave your defects at the door.'
- Rwandan proverb.

18 September 2000

'It is better to be kind to our neighbours than to cross the world to offer incense to our ancestors.'
- (no language group given)

15 September 2000

'Happiness is like a field you can harvest every season.'
Luo proverb.

14 September 2000

'You do not run into mountains, but people yes.'
Herero proverb.

13 September 2000

'If you want something, you must work for it.'
Tupuri proverb.

12 September 2000

'The earth is not an inheritance of our fathers, nor one for our sons.'
Luo proverb.

11 September 2000

'A friend is someone who walks by your side.'
Luo proverb.

8 September 2000

'A fire cannot be wrapped with paper.'
- Chinese proverb.

6 September 2000

'If you educate a woman, you have educated a population.'
- Kiganda proverb.

4 September 2000

'The leopard does not eat fish (explanation: the chief does not handle irrelevant problems).'
- Ekonda proverb.

August, 2000

31 August 2000

'The chief's wisdom is a mesh of old stories, good and bad.'
- Luo proverb.

30 August 2000

'You can see the source of a river, but not that of a clan.'
- Bayansi proverb.

29 August 2000

'The frog does not tire in the water.'
- Ngandi proverb.

28 August 2000

'Who built the drum knows best what is inside.'
- Burundian proverb.

25 August 2000

'You take a bull by the horns and a man by his words.'
- Bantu proverb.

24 August 2000

'The sore is cured but the scar remains.'
- Ekonda proverb.

23 August 2000

'When you eat an egg do not insult the chicken.'
- Bantandu proverb.

22 August 2000

'Wearing a mended dress is better than being naked.'

21 August 2000

'God does not ask to withstand more than is possible.'
- Amara proverb.

18 August 2000

'Once the manioca is in your stomach it's gone.'
- Nyang proverb.

17 August 2000

'To start a fight, one does not bring a knife that cuts but a needle that sews.'
- Bahumbu proverb.

16 August 2000

'A village united in fraternity is prosperous.'
- Bayaka proverb.

11 August 2000

'A village without elderly is unhappy.'
- Luo proverb.

10 August 2000

'When you need to make an important decision, never do it alone, choose the right people.'
- Basakata proverb.

08 August 2000

'A fool is like a wanderer lost on a path.'
- Luo proverb.

07 August 2000

'The wind effects leaves, while violence men.'
- Ovimbundu proverb.

July, 2000

14 July 2000

'When the leg does not walk, the stomach does not eat.'
Mongo proverb.

13 July 2000

'One speaks badly of the absent but fears the present.'
Lula proverb.

12 July 2000

'Eggs and metal do not go in the same basket.'
Ewe proverb.

11 July 2000

'You can hide a mark on your skin, but not a defect.'
Burundian proverb.

10 July 2000

'What is hanging up, cannot be reached sitting down.'
Amhara proverb.

7 July 2000

'The heart is a locket that does not open easily. Duala proverb.

6 July 2000

Money is like the waters of a swelling river, it flows away.'
Ga proverb.

5 July 2000

'The laziness of youths is worse than war.'
Tupuri proverb.

3 July 2000

'Every course of water has its source.'
Zulu proverb.

June, 2000

30 June 2000

'The turtle does not suffer when running.'
Luo proverb

28 June 2000

'The dog never forgets its owner.'
Bangala proverb

27 June 2000

'You do not beat a drum with one finger.'
Luo proverb

26 June 2000

'Who walks in the mud, at some point must clean his feet.'
Bahumbu proverb

23 June 2000

'Who gets lost in the forest takes it out on who leads him back to the right road.'
Ekonda proverb.

22 June 2000

'You are not born a leader, you become one.'
Bamileke proverb.

21 June 2000

'Where there is a hippopotamus, be careful when passing with a pirogue.'
Nilotic proverb.

16 June 2000

'Who eats too much, will then be sick.'
Batabwa proverb.

15 June 2000

'Who takes a hut, also takes the rats and cockroaches.'
Ntomba proverb.

14 June 2000

'Hunger makes the big fish come out of hiding in the great river.'
Niliotic proverb.

13 June 2000

'The predator lands on an unknown tree.'
Duala proverb.

12 June 2000

'The venemous snake cannot be seen in the Savannah.'
Niliotic proverb.

09 June 2000

'Do not grab your heel until the ant has bitten you.'
Ekonda proverb.

08 June 2000

'You cannot hear a baby cry in the mother's womb.'
Bamfinu proverb.

07 June 2000

'Authority is in generosity.'
Tumbuka proverb.

06 June 2000

'The chicken that digs for food will not sleep hungry.'
Bayombe proverb.

05 June 2000

'The mouse says: I dig a hole without a hoe; the snake says: I climb a tree without arms.'
Basonge proverb.

May, 2000

31 May 2000

'The mouth does not eat if the feet do not walk and the hands work.'
- Bakusu proverb

30 May 2000

'To form a dog is the ruin of education. '
-Ekonda proverb

29 May 2000

'The hyena sleeps with the sheep.'
- Burundian proverb

26 May 2000

'During a storm you seek shelter under a tree and not the clouds.'
- Bayansi proverb

25 May 2000

'You cannot handle fire with your hands.'
- Kanuri proverb (CO)

24 May 2000

'Every hill has its leopard.'
- Bahaya proverb (CO)

23 May 2000

'A goat does not always graze in the same place. '
- Duala proverb (CO)

22 May 2000

'In the great river there are large and small fish. '
- Ewe proverb (CO)

12 May 2000

'Who owns too much, remains unhappy.'
-Tupuri proverb

11 May 2000

'The cultivator is alone, but those who eat are many.'
-Schambala proverb

10 May 2000

'The leopard does not sleep on a dry branch.'
-Pigmy proverb

09 May 2000

'A real family eats the same cornmeal.'
-Bayombe proverb

08 May 2000

'If your cornfield is far from your house, the birds will eat your corn.'
- Pigmy proverb

04 May 2000

'The day does not return.'
-Tupuri proverb

03 May 2000

'A puppy must not confront a large animal.'
-Beti proverb

April, 2000

28 Apr 2000

'If you carry the egg basket do not dance.'
-Ambede proverb (CO)

26 Apr 2000

'Where the rooster crows there is a village.'
-Schambala proverb (CO)

24 Apr 2000

'Before killing the chicken carefully observe the character of your guest. '
-Mandingo proverb (CO)

February, 2000

25 Feb 2000       

‘One rind is enough to tie a thousand pieces of wood’.
(Amhara proverb, Ethiopia)

24 Feb 2000

'If you want to lean on a tree, first make sure it can hold you'.
(Ambede proverb, Gabon and Congo)

23 Feb 2000

‘One piece of green wood is enough to stop the others from burning’.
(Bahaya proverb)

21 Feb 2000

Who follows the elephant will have no problems.
(Fante proverb, Ghana)

18 Feb 2000

‘Money can even corrupt the virtuous’.
(Vietnamese proverb) (CO)

17 Feb 2000

'Only a fool believes that the clouds obscure the splendour of the moon. It has shined behind them for eternity'.

16 Feb 2000

'The wind does not break a tree that can bend'.
(Sukuma proverb)

15 Feb 2000

'The elephant dies, but his tusks remain'.
(Bamfinu proverb)

14 Feb 2000

‘Only the owner can free his home from mice’.
(Bantandu proverb)

11 Feb 2000

‘Even your dog knows the homes of your friends’.
(Batetela proverb. The Tatela people live in the Democratic Republic of Congo)

10 Feb 2000

'If the rhythm of the drum beat changes, the dance step must adapt'.
(Kossi proverb. Kossi is spoken in Burkina Fasso, West Africa)

09 Feb 2000

'A stolen object does not fill one's heart with joy'.
(Mongo proverb. Mongo is spoken in the Democratic Republic of Congo)

08 Feb 2000

'No one knows if a bird in flight has an egg in its stomach'.
(Dogon proverb. The Dogon are in Mali and Burkina Fasso)

07 Feb 2000

'Those who get on the same pirogue, have the same aspirations'.
(Wolof proverb. Wolof is spoken in Senegal, Gambia and Mauritania)

January, 2000

31 Jan 2000   

"Those who arrive to the spring first, drink the purest water".
(Sukuma proverb)

28 Jan 2000

‘To guess is cheap, to guess wrong is expensive’.
(Chinese proverb)

27 Jan 2000

'The thread follows the needle'.
(Batela proverb. Batela is unlisted in Ethnologue)

25 Jan 2000

'Milestone cornmeal unites families'
(Tupur proverb. Tupur unlisted in Ethnologue)

24 Jan 2000

'The wind helps those without an axe to cut wood'.
(Bamileke proverb. Bamileke is spoken in Cameroon and some parts of Nigeria)

21 Jan 2000

‘The moon lightens well but leaves certain areas in the dark’.
(Vai proverb, Liberia)

19 Jan 2000

‘Though the leopard is fierce, it does not devour its cubs’.
(Bantandu proverb, unlisted in Ethnologue)

14 Jan 2000

'A raindrop does not spare the head of the notable'.
(Beti proverb, Cameroon)

13 Jan 2000

'A son will be what he was taught'.
(Swahili proverb, East, Central and South Africa)

12 Jan 2000

'Even the small leopard is called leopard'.
(Bambala proverb, Ethiopia and Kenya)

11 Jan 2000

'Sweet and sour walk hand in hand'.
(Efik proverb, Nigeria)

10 Jan 2000

'We rest our legs, but never our mouths'.
(Bahaya [Haya] proverb, Tanzania)