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Site Last Update: 19 Jan, 2020
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A new series of booklets for children in the "Motherhen Education Celebrating Africa" series

We are excited to announce a new project of collaboration on African folklore and culture. A South African woman named Gemma Kok is publishing a series of booklets for children in the series "Motherhen Education Celebrating Africa." Book One is called Explore and Book Two is calledDiscover. These booklets are aimed at primary school children age 6 and above. Each booklet is both a colouring and reading book. It is filled with African folklore, imaginative drawing exercises and the opportunity to color in a diverse collection of images. This combination allows parents or care-givers to participate in creative activities with the child.

These booklets use African Stories and Proverbs from our
African Proverbs, Sayings and Stories Website:

such as the East African story "The Man Who Couldn't Find God" and the Sukuma, Tanzania proverb I pointed out the stars to you and all you saw was the tip of my finger.

Go to the website for more information.