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Site Last Update: 18 Jan, 2020
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New Chat Topic on our Message Board:
"Using African Proverbs in Daily Life"

We are proud to announce the new chat topic on our Message Board called "Using African Proverbs in Daily Life." You can access this new topic, as well as our existing other topics by clicking on the link:

The following message has been sent to our email mailing list, to announce this newly added feature of the African Proverbs, Sayings and Stories site:

"While shopping in a warehouse store near my home, I stopped to browse the books for sale. As I meandered through the stacks and stacks of books, one in particular got my attention.

The title was "It Takes a Village".

Those of us familiar with African Proverbs recognize this sentiment as one expressed by the Igbo and Yoruba of Nigeria in their truth "It takes a whole village to raise a child". This book was written by then First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton and reached the top of the New York Times Best Seller list.

An African truism was at the top of the best seller list. How powerful is that?

I began to wonder how many other times had I passed by African Proverbs at work in daily life.

You are invited to join the search.

As you go along your daily life, will you point out where an African Proverb is at work and share that with us on the message board? We've created a new discussion called "Using African Proverbs in Daily Life" just for this purpose.

Maybe you've heard a speech integrate a proverb into its meaning. Or maybe you've read a book that celebrated a proverb in its passages. And maybe you've heard a proverb used in support of a political, social or humanitarian cause.

Share your find with us on the message board.

How powerful would it be to raise the awareness of African peoples by celebrating and calling attention to the greatness and usefulness of their wisdom?

Join us on the message board and share your observations. Stop by now and see what other members have already posted.

How many other times have African truths been celebrated like this? Do we know of any other ways African Proverbs have been used?

We invite you to join our search."

From: Zonda Hollaway

Moderator -- Message Board.