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Site Last Update: 10 Dec, 2019
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First Audio Files of African Stories Now on
In November 2006, our Moderator Father Joseph Healey, received a unique request from a woman who works in the audio library department of a public library in Los Angeles, California, USA. She reads local news, current events and short stories for the blind. "I came across your stories on and absolutely loved what I read. I think African Proverbs and Stories should be told/read/heard regularly in our society and media, especially around children," she wrote.

The woman was looking particularly for African Christmas Stories for blind children. She requested permission to create audio files of several stories featured on our African Proverbs, Sayings and Stories website to add to the library's system where "children can listen via a CD player/audio system in-house."

Now we are especially proud to introduce the incorporation of these created audio files to our African Stories Database. Presently, we have added the first audio file to the story I Had Lunch with God (presently Story No. 71 in our alphabetical database, but this will change as more stories are added).

To read this story in our database and listen to the audio file, you can click on the above link. Then click on Listen to audio version. To simply listen to the audio file, click here: Listen to "I Had Lunch with God"