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Site Last Update: 21 Jan, 2020

Minutes of a special meeting of the African Proverbs Working Group (APWG) executive committee held on 3 December 2019 at the Mayknoll Society House, Westlands, Nairobi, Kenya

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Members present:

  1. Rev. Joseph G. Healey
  2. Elias Bushiri Elie
  3. Ricardo Benon


  1. Margaret Wambere
  2. Cephas Agbemenu
  3. Sister Grace Njau


The meeting started with a prayer from all three members, starting with Father Healey who prayed for Ricardo’s safari to the USA. He also prayed for people who are suffering because of the heavy rains currently pouring in Kenya, and causes mudslides and landslides that left many people homeless. He was followed by Elias Bushiri Elie and then Ricardo Benon who prayed silently.

Min.1.12.2019 Ricardo Benon’s trip to the USA

Rev. Healey gave Benon $200 as part of the APWG’s contribution to his trip. According to Rev. Healey the money was sent by Wolfgang Mieder as contribution to APWG Executive Committee’s activities. There was a discussion on how Ricardo is going to help the APWG after his four days visit at the University of Vermont. Ricardo requested to be guided on some strategies on where and how to start looking for sponsors, if possible, or to get a job to boast the group’s finances. The visa given, however, allows a short stay of six months only and it does not allow him to do any official work in USA. Father Healey provided ideas on where to look for sponsors and the kind job he can do if available.

Min.2.12.2019 2020 African Proverbs Calendar: Theme: “Equality, Inclusiveness and Fairness”

Rev. Healey distributed copies of the 2020 African Proverbs Calendar to both members who were present and delegated Elias and Ricardo to distribute copies of the committee members not present at the meeting and to the members whose proverbs are contained in the calendar. Wolfgang Mieder in Vermont, USA will also receive a gift copy.

It was announced that our treasury presently has $150. We approved the payment for the costs of the preparation of the 2020 African Proverbs Calendar since the calendar had already been printed. Ksh.7,000 ($70) would be paid to Elias Bushiri for this work.

Min.3.12.2019 APWG Website

Google advertisements on the APWG’s website were discussed. Charles Gikera and Ricardo agreed (on the phone) that they are going to work on it and see whether it can be reopened again by using a new gmail account in order to raise some funds.

Min.4.12.2019 Laptop for APWG Secretary

The proposal to buy a new laptop for the Secretary, Margaret Wambere was discussed and approved. Her work had stalled because the one she had been using had crashed. She was expected to provide a quotation as soon as possible.

The laptop used by Elias Bushiri requires an update to the Windows 10 version because the current one had given an alert that it would expire at the end of 2019. Replacement was approved at a cost of Ksh.10,000.00 ($100), and would be done immediately to avoid any delays in the APWG activities.

Min.5.12.2019 Self reliance

The “dependency syndrome” was discussed. A benefactor in the USA has offered a matching grant to what money is raised locally in Kenya.

Min.6.12.2019 Brainstorming on theme of the 2021 African Proverbs Calendar

Theme for 2021 African Proverbs Calendar: “Celebrating the Gift of Diversity.”
Theme for January-March, 2020 Poll: “Celebrating Diversity.”

Any Other Business

There was no further business.


The meeting end up by wishing Ricardo Benon a prosperous safari to the University of Vermont, USA.


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