Minutes of the APWG Executive Committee Held at 10.00 a.m. on Saturday 17th January 2019 at the Maryknoll Society House, Westlands, Nairobi, Kenya



  1. Fr. Joseph Healey Moderator
  2. Cephas Agbemenu Chairperson
  3. Margaret Wambere Secretary
  4. Elias Bushiri Assistant Secretary
  5. Francis Njuguna Communications


  1. Sr. Grace Njau Member

The Chairman welcomed the members to the meeting. A prayer was said by Francis Njuguna.

1/1/2019 Update on travels – Fr Healey
He shared his experiences during his travels to the Vatican, the USA and Tanzania. There were many lessons to learn about upholding African culture by African communities abroad.

2/1/2019 Proverbs of the Month
2019 Proverbs of the Month Theme is about “Children”.
2019 Proverbs already receive and edited for posting were:

  1. February 2019 SUKUMA – Tanzania
  2. March 2019 EWE - Ghana

Elias confirmed that he had received 4 Proverbs of the Month from:

  1. Anastasia Oisebe Pare, Tanzania
  2. Kevin Namatsi Toro, Uganda
  3. Alimas Kaluta Soga, Uganda
  4. Etoka Malusise Gweno, Tanzania

These would be edited to ensure that they expressed the theme for the 2020 APWG Calendar “Equality, Inclusiveness and Fairness”.
The theme would support the African proverb which states that “There is always room for one more at the table.”

3/1/2019 Collection of 100 African Proverbs Projects 2018
The Secretary confirmed that 16 projects had been approved after presentation of the Research Proposals during the APWG members meeting. Only 4 members had sent in a soft copy of the First Draft. Most members had already completed the collection of 100 proverbs and were finalizing their projects.
First Drafts were received from:

  1. Alimas Kaluta
  2. Anastasi Oisebe
  3. Kevin Namatsi
  4. Angela Katabarwa

4/1/2019 Funding the 2018/2019 Projects
A first half grant had been paid to the members in 2018 and the second half grant would be paid after the completion and presentation of the projects in 2019.
The funds which will be received in February 2019 will be used to complete the second half grant payments, which will be the final non-electronic pamphlet projects. All future projects will be in digital form (electronic).
The non-electronic projects will be continued if an alternative source of funding is found.

5/1/2019 APWG Future into Electronic Projects
The committee requested Charles Gikera to update the team on the following of ‘Likes’ on the Calendar placed on the Afriprov website and analyze it.

6/1/2019 Fundraising Strategies
The group given the work to source for funds would meet as soon as possible and follow up on their previous strategies and seek for new ones. They would report to the Executive Committee by the end of January 2019.

6/1/2019 Personal Plans
During the next 2 weeks, the members agreed to each have a personal plan.

  1. Elias: Prepare Certificates of Achievement as an appreciation for members’ contribution to the APWG work.
  2. Fr Healey: He would continue developing the APWG website and Facebook.
  3. Francis: He would prioritize on SCC – Facebook, Polls, add the materials posted.
  4. Margaret: Increase communication with APWG members, and focus on making the APWG

WhatsApp more interactive.

  1. Cephas: Updating all Poverbs of the Month produced since 1998 to 2018, and post them as electronic documents.

7/1/2019 Any Other Business

  1. APWG members meeting: This would be convened after the presentation of the Final Draft by members.
  2. Kanga Proverbs and Wise Sayings: Cephas would update the Moderator on the updated version of the book to confirm if the project had been completed.
  3. Facebook following: The ‘Likes’ were not increasing and members needed to strategize on how to improve participation. They agreed to invite as many of their Facebook group members as possible to ‘like’ the page and add examples of proverbs.
  4. New Executive Committee member: The members agreed to invite Ricardo Benon to be a member because he had skills which would benefit the group.
  5. Travel Support: The members agreed they would receive $20 (Ksh.2,000) to support their travel costs. Margaret would handle the facilitation.

There being no other business, the meeting ended at 2.00 p.m.