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Minutes of the Meeting of the African Proverbs Working Group, Saturday, 3 November 2012

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Saturday, 3 November, 2012 from 10 am to 1pm 
Kenyatta University
Fine Art Dept. Rm.  Fz.18
Nairobi, Kenya

1.    Opening prayer by Angelica Chelo

Immediately after the opening prayer, members introduce themselves. No new members were present. Members were also happy to see, talk and share the meeting with the moderator Joseph Healey from the USA through Skype.

Members present:

1. Allan Babunga
2. Cephas Agbemenu
3. Elias Bushiri
4. Wamukota Sudi
5. Angelica Chelo
6. Benon Chelo
7. Atemu Ishiabwe
8. Joseph Healey (via Skype)


We got apologies from some members who could not make it to the meeting due to heavy rain that hit Nairobi this morning. The following are members who officially send apologies:

1. Gerald Wanjohi
2. Tyty Wamulumba
3. Cyprian Ntambara
4. Elysee Meta
5. Valentin Sikitoka
6. Francis Njuguna
7. Simon Rurinjah
8. Veronica Nduku
9. George Atido

2.    Report on recent research, writing and publishing.

Allan: The French story book Sagesse Africaine translated from Joseph Healey’s books African Stories for Preachers and Teachers (Paulines Publications Africa and Once Upon a Time in Africa: Stories of Wisdom and Joy (Orbis Books) and published in Kinshasa, DRC by the Daughters of St. Paul is finally out. The book is said to be very attractive and interesting. Once we got them here in Nairobi, each member “will get a copy” said the moderator Joseph Healey.
As I was in DRC last August, I was doing a research on five languages in Katanga, DRC.  I will get a clear report to bring to you in our next meeting.
Elias: “I am working on the Gusii proverbs from Kenya. I have finished the collection now I am typing,”
Atemu: “Even if I have not received my grant yet, I am continuing with my research on Nyindu proverbs from DRC, here is my first draft. As you know I am not so good in English; I will need your help to complete this work.”

3.    Future African Proverbs of the Month
We apologize for the delay of posting the October proverb.
Healey (via Facebook): “Greetings to the members of the African Proverbs Working Group that is meeting right now at Kenyatta University in Nairobi, Kenya. Please note: I have received Jeremiah Sudi's Bukusu, Kenya Proverb for the November, 2012 "African Proverb of the Month" and I am editing it now.”
December proverb will be from the Nyindu Language by Atemu Ishiabwe from DRC. We advise him to make it ready by 20 November.

4.    Report on grants received

Allan: I am happy to show you my soft copy of 100 Lingala proverbs for you to give your advice as it was agreed earlier. One hand washes the other. So give your opinions on it before I can start the printing.”

Cephas: “I hope the work is good, just to remind you to put the photograph and the map showing the land where the Lingala language is spoken.”
Elysee sent the draft of their booklet of 100 Kikongo Proverbs, but editing is needed and we should expect the final draft at the next meeting.

Sudi: “My Bukusu booklet will be done soon and I hope to present it to you at the next meeting.”
Atemu: “Showed us his draft copy of 100 Nyindu Proverbs but has not yet received the grant.”

5.    New grant proposals
Angela and Benon have presented a draft proposal for collection of Kirundi proverbs. Cephas: “Work to be done for it to be effective:
-Put map and duration of your research
-Follow our format please.

Allan: “I will send you a copy of some of proposals with our format”

Allan: “It seems that in our last meeting held on 1 September at Maryknoll House you discussed about Cyprian’s proposal but when I look at the minutes, I have not seen where you agreed about his approval. Cyprian called me to ask me if his grant will be ready at this meeting. I will call upon you members to stick on what we have agreed to be the requirements before a new member can get a grant. Have a look at Sister Grace’s work which stipulates that grant can only be given to member who have attended not less than three meetings and have paid the membership contribution of Ksh 1000.

Allan: “I don’t know what you had promised to Cyprian, which is not in the minutes of the 1 September meeting”

6.    Demonstration on how to benefit from our: African Proverbs, Sayings and Stories Website:
 Members agree to continue visiting both the website and the Facebook page.
Allan: “We have equipped our website with Google AdSense and BBC RSS feeds. Now you can enjoy some local advertisements from Google and fresh news headlines from all over Africa from BBC. Please visit the web and make sure you vote in the poll and read the headlines and also the local ads.

7.    Member’s annual fee.
 Up to now our account has only Ksh 8000, contribution from only eight members.
We are still waiting contribution from the rest as we need them.
8.    AOB
Unless otherwise our meeting is plan to be held on the second week of January.
The meeting ends up with a delicious lunch courtesy of Cephas and Allan. See photos below:”


Cephas Agbemenu conducting the African Proverbs Meeting at Kenyatta University

in Nairobi, on 3 November, 2012. 



Cephas, Sudi and Allan Communicating with The moderator Joseph Healey through Skype

from the United States during the African Proverbs Meeting held on 3 November 2012 at Kenyatta 

University in Nairobi, Kenya.





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