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Site Last Update: 14 Dec, 2019


10:30 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Saturday, 30 June, 2012

Mazzoldi House, Karen

Nairobi, Kenya


1. Introduction of new members.

2. Each participant will report on his or her recent research, writing, and publishing. This includes new booklets and books published in the past year.

3. Theme for our 2013 African Proverbs Calendar  

4. Future "African Proverbs of the Month” to be posted on our website

5. Reports on grant received for New Booklets of 100 African Proverbs.

6. New grants applications

Sikitoka Mboni, (Fulero, Vira and Hunde proverbs, DRC)

Veronica Nduku, (Embu proverbs, Kenya).

7. New guidelines/requirements for grants (analyzing the work of Sr. Grace).

8. Promoting our: African Proverbs, Sayings and Stories Website, Poll, Facebook Page and Twitter. Go to:

9. Update on the treasury and ongoing contributions.



Opening prayer by Simon Rurinjah. He sung his new song, Siasa Mbaya (Swahili and Kikuyu) about civic education and voter awareness in the forthcoming General Election in Kenya in March, 2013.

  1. Introduction

Sixteen members were present:

1.Veronica Nduku (Kenya) New

2.Sikitoka Mboni (DRC) New

3.Atemu Ishiabwe (DRC)

4.Bernard Owino (Kenya)  New

5.Allan Babunga (DRC)

6.Cephas Agbemenu (Ghana)

7.Thomas Komakech (Uganda)

8.Joe Healey (USA)

9.Simon Rurinjah (Kenya)

10.Francis Njuguna (Kenya)

11.Ricardo Benon (DRC)

12.Angelica Chelo (DRC)

13.Elias Bushiri (DRC)

14.Fidele Kabasele (DRC)

15.Jeremiah Wamukota Sudi (Kenya)

16.Grace Njau (Kenya)


1.Martin Kamande

2.Gerald Wanjohi

3.Tyty Mukendi

4.George Atido

5.Elisee Meta

  1. Each participant will report on his or her recent research, writing, and publishing. This includes new booklets and books published in the past year.

Angelica: “I continue with my work on Borana proverbs.”

Allan: “I find it difficult to get the meaning for proverbs which talk about Polygamy”

Elias: “I am doing a research on Gusii proverbs (with a Gusii speaker) and within three months I will be able to collect a hundred of them.”

Thomas: “Are we allowed to consult books already written and acknowledge the source?”

Allan: “I think to consult a book is not bad but the most important thing is to get biblical parallel and meaning for each proverb.”

Cephas: “It’s also good to go and find the proverbs at the source (village). The best way to do it is to just meet several elders and give them drinks and proverbs will start flowing.”

Benon: “I have launched an activity to promote African songs and poems. We had a nice event last Saturday at Dass Restaurant in Nairobi. All African proverbs members are welcome.

  3. Theme for our 2013 African Proverbs Calendar. 

Healey: “We will choose the final title based on the proverbs available on “Joy, Happiness and Celebration.”

  4. Future "African Proverbs of the Month”to be posted on our website.

Allan: “We are pleased when our members volunteer to write a proverb of the month to post on our website, but we are sometime disappointed when some of them fail to send their text to us on time.”

LUNCH: Compliments of the Apostles of Jesus.  Our members enjoyed delicacies of African cuisine.

  5. Reports on grants received for New Booklets of 100 African Proverbs.

Allan for Lingala: “I am putting the final touch on it.”

Elisee for Kikongo work: went for proof reading.

Angelica: Typing is still going on and I am expecting to finish at the end of July

Fidele Kabasele: “I am still collecting.”

  6. New grants applications:

Sikitoka Mboni: (Fulero, Vira and Hunde proverbs from DRC). I came to know about African Proverbs through its website and immediately contacted Allan Babunga who asked me to come to the meeting with my collection. I am interested in the work that the African Proverbs group is doing and I am glad to join you.” I have come with 30 booklets (10 each) of 100 proverbs from three different languages: Fulero, Vira and Hunde all from DRC. 

Cephas: “The Executive Committee will sit and discuss the case of these three booklets pre- submitted by Sikitoka.

Veronica Nduku, (Embu, Kenya): I am from Kamba community but I am doing a collection of Embu proverbs.

Healey: “So far we have about seven proposals that received grants but not yet submitted and six pending proposals that are waiting for grants.  Our benefactors are not happy with the fact that those who took grants failed to meet the deadline.

Cephas: “I suggest that we start giving a new grant as soon as one of the previous ones is completed.” NOTE: First to receive is Jeremiah Wamukota Sudi (Bukusu, Kenya) followed by Atemu Ishiabwe (Nyindu, DRC).

Allan: “I suggest that special consideration be given to members who come from far and who have their work ready. I think members from Tanzania and DRC who have their work ready do not need to be punished for our faults.”


  7. Guidelines. The Executive Committee comprised of Allan, Cephas and Healey will discuss the new guidelines/requirements for grants analyzing the work of Sr. Grace. A number of additional proposals have been submitted. One proposal is that only Members can receive grants. Another proposal is that the person applying for a grant should submit one proverb that is fully researched and written up in our three section format in advance.

 8.Promoting our African Proverbs, Sayings and Stories Website, Poll, Facebook Page and Twitter. Go to: There was a demonstration of how to find our website online and to navigate the different sections. Members are asked to be in the forefront in visiting our website and giving their comments on our Facebook and Twitter Pages.

  9. Update on the treasury and ongoing contributions. As all know that we have started a contribution to cater for our group’s needs: 1,000/= per member. So far we have Ksh 7,000 in our account. Other members are asked to send their contributions to Allan’s number 0721-749795.

Next meeting to be held at Maryknoll House on Saturday, 1 September 2012 starting at 10 a.m.



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