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Site Last Update: 21 Oct, 2019
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Report of the Meeting of the African Proverbs Working Group, Nairobi, Kenya, 17 January 2009


Apostles of Jesus Generalate, Bishop Mazzoldi House, Karen, Nairobi , Kenya


1. Mr. Francis Njuguna (Acting Secretary) -- Freelance Journalist
Mr. Allain Babunga -- French teacher in Nairobi from DRC (introduced to the group by Prof. Cephas Agbemenu of the Fine Arts Department, Kenyatta University)
3. Rev. Thomas Komakech, A.J. -- Apostles of Jesus General Council

Absent with apologies

1. Professor Cephas Agbemenu -- Fine Arts Department, Kenyatta University
2. Chijioke Azuawusiefe -- Jesuit Theology Student at Hekima College
3. Rev. Joseph Healey, M.M. -- Moderator
4. Mr. Joseph Kariuki -- Assistant Moderator

Discussion of the proverbs research of the participants including an Acholi (Uganda, Sudan) Proverb. It was stressed that the “African Proverb of the Month” on our website should include the English, French and Swahili translations. The meeting was followed by a delicious lunch.