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Site Last Update: 21 Oct, 2019
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Report of the Meeting of the African Proverbs Working Group, Nairobi, Kenya, 5 July 2008

Christ the Teacher Catholic Chaplaincy Center , Kenyatta University , Nairobi , Kenya


1. Francis Njuguna (Acting Secretary) -- Freelance Journalist
2. Professor Cephas Agbemenu -- Fine Arts Department, Kenyatta University
3. Rev. Joseph Healey, M.M. -- Moderator
4. Dr. Gerald Wanjohi -- Publisher, Wajibu
5. Rev. Thomas Komakech, A.J. -- Apostles of Jesus General Council

Absent with apologies

1. Joseph Kariuki -- Assistant Moderator
2. Jesuit Theology Students at Hekima College (on leave)
3. Evans Nyakundi -- Assistant Librarian at Hekima College

Prayers were said in various African languages.

1. Members reviewed the past work of the Working Group and planned for the coming months
Each of the members had a few minutes to explain his present activities, research and writing as far as the work of the African Proverbs Working Group is concerned.

2. Members addressed themselves to the "African Proverb of the Month" for August, September, October, and November, 2008 especially the biblical references. Proverbs on peace and reconciliation are being stressed. Attempts are being made to have the entire African continent well represented. More women are encouraged to participate.

3. Dr. Cephas took members on a guided tour of the striking African religious art in the chapel. There are close connections between oral culture and visual art in Africa . The revised and updated website will have more African illustrations, drawings and photographs.

The next meeting will be either at Hekima College or at the Apostles of Jesus in August, 2008.

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