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Site Last Update: 14 Dec, 2019
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Motherhen Education Celebrating Africa is an arts initiative aimed at raising awareness and funding for children in need in South Africa, by producing children's books that celebrate African culture and heritage.
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Motherland Nigeria Website contains a wide selection of Nigerian Proverbs.
23   Link
"Parish Without Borders" Website that has a useful "Africa Page" with many links.
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NOTE: This website is currently under construction.
Sukuma Cultural Centre, Bujora, Mwanza, Tanzania: Contains information and research on the Sukuma people and culture collected over the last 40 years. A remarkable feat with excellent photographs and graphics.
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The Foundation for Post Conflict Development highlights Personal Stories from Post-Conflict Countries.
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A series of paintings by T. E. Breitenbach that are available as posters. Hundreds of contemporary proverbs, sayings, idioms and clichés are interpreted in the posters and conveniently listed on the bottom such as "butterflies in the stomach," "rat race," "skeleton crew", "jumping on the bandwagon", "a skeleton in the closet," "fighting tooth and nail" and "monkey business."
27   Link
Quiet Thoughts Greeting Cards Website uses African Proverbs in different online cards. There are links to the printable African Proverbs Calendar by month and the Home Page (Front Page) of our website.
28   Link
This site has 43,061 quotations by 7,960 authors in 1,328 subjects. It also has 4,082 proverbs and 72,299 fortunes in 72 collections
29   Link
"Ethnologue: Africa" with detailed information on several thousand languages in Africa.
30   Link
Small Christian Communities Global Collaborative Website that has many connections to our African Proverbs, Sayings and Stories Website.
31   Link
Story Workshop is an educational media group creating entertainment for social change in Malawi.
32   Link
The Sukuma Legacy Project promotes the history, culture, Oral Literature — Stories, Proverbs, Sayings, Riddles and Songs — and visual representations of the Sukuma People in Tanzania in East Africa. There are various examples of SCCs and community values.
33   Link
BereSanke Percussion -- a great resource for West African music & culture. With a page on African wisdom and African proverbs.
34   Link
Wikipedia is a free encyclopedia that has many resources and links to proverbs, sayings and stories and highlights
35   Link
This site gives access to Mineke Schipper's whole collection of more than 15 000 proverbs. The site can be searched on topics such as the female body, women's phases of life from girl to bride, wife, co-wife, mother, mother-in-law, widow, grandmother and old woman; basics of life such as love, sex, pregnancy, childbirth; women's work, her verbal talents and her power. More than a thousand metaphors about women can be found in the collection: women have been compared to a large variety of things from mimosa to lotus flower, melons and potato fields, cakes and other delicacies. One can search for all the above aspects and combinations of aspects on this user-friendly website. The site is interactive and people are invited to send proverbs originating from their own cultures.
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Provides valuable resources that help you Learn foreign languages
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The Mission of this Foundation is to enable children around the globe, who belong to minor Ethnic groups to read stories in their mother tongue and by that preserve the stories and traditions of these tribal cultures.
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