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Site Last Update: 12 Dec, 2019
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Endangered African Proverbs Collections: Sumbwa (Tanzania) Proverbs
One of the follow-ups to the African Proverbs Project (1993-1996) is the collection of African proverbs in languages that are small, not well known or in danger of dying out. These are called "Endangered African Proverbs Collections." A modest collection of 100 to 200 proverbs in these languages is being carried out through our four Regional Resource Centers in Africa.

A "Collection of 197 Sumbwa Proverbs" was carried out in 1998 and at the beginning of 1999 under the direction of the Hekima College Library in Nairobi, Kenya, the Regional Resource Center in Eastern Africa.

A summary of the "Front Page" of the booklet of these 197 Sumbwa Proverbs is printed below.

Endangered African Proverbs Collections
A Continuation of the African Proverbs Project

Collection of 197 Sumbwa Proverbs

Geita/Kahama Districts around the southern part of Lake Victoria
in Western Tanzania

Collected by Joseph Nkumbulwa with the help of Max Tertrais, M. Afr. in
conjunction with

Sukuma Research Committee
Sukuma Cultural Centre, Bujora
P. O. Box 76
Mwanza, Tanzania

April, 1999


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