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Site Last Update: 11 Dec, 2019
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Analyzing Builsa Proverbs and Culture in the Light of Scripture
By Jay Moon

                    The purpose of the paper was to collect and analyze 640 Builsa proverbs in the Upper East region of Ghana that then opens an understanding of the Builsa worldview and thinking. As a result, the proverbs can then be used effectively to communicate the Gospel in the Builsa culture. The proper context for the use of proverbs was first analyzed through 108 interviews. This information helps us to know the proper context for using proverbs in the life of the church. Next the proverbs were analyzed for recurring values. 13 Core Values were identified. Together with observations in the culture, this gives an understanding of the Builsa Traditional Theology. Then the Bible was used as the interpreter of the Builsa cultural values in order to allow Scripture to affirm, redeem or correct these values.

                    Lastly, implications for cross-cultural workers are given as well as some examples for the use of proverbs in evangelism/discipleship. This is followed by a list of the proverbs with the meanings and relevant scriptural references. A computer program is also included that allows one to search for values, or words (English of Buli language). This program makes it a useful teaching tool since it functions like a concordance for proverbs.

Jay Moon

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