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"African Proverbs on Peace and War."

Collected and compiled by Annetta Miller. Mennonite Central Committee, Nairobi, Kenya: Privately Duplicated, 1998. 41 pp. A collection of 1,031 African proverbs in English (with the original African language or country cited) "on the general theme of peace and its immediate corollary, conflict ... these proverbs are in the service of all people - instructing, guiding and generally reflecting the wisdom of the continent." There are proverbs on 13 themes: peace, war, fighting and friction, quarrel, abuse, enemy, revenge, anger, caution, reconciliation, diplomacy, justice and cooperation. Two examples: "It is peace that provides milk (Somalia)." "War has no eyes" (Swahili). This booklet is presently in draft form. The Nairobi Peace Initiative will be publishing it.

NOTE: This entry has been included in the Third Edition of ANNOTATED BIBLIOGRAPHY OF ARTICLES, BOOKS AND CDs ON THE PASTORAL AND THEOLOGICAL USE OF AFRICAN PROVERBS (presently in draft form) by Rev. Joseph G. Healey, M.M. The Second Edition is contained in the CD-ROM -- "'African Proverbs: Collections, Studies, Bibliographies CD #3 for Windows" -- produced by Global Mapping International.


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