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Site Last Update: 11 Dec, 2019
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Origin of Death Myth of the Old Woman Who Hid Death
In the beginning times people lived happily without any fear of death. Now it happened one morning that God (Imana) was chasing death to exterminate it from the land of people. When God drew near to arrest (catch) death, death ran into a dog and possessed him. Then the dog quickly ran and entered into the small hut of an old woman who happened to be sitting near the fireplace warming herself.

Then death spoke through the dog saying, "Hide me. If God comes inquiring about me, tell him that death is not here." The old woman, being surprised to see the dog and hear him speak, hid the dog under her bed. Then she went out and sat in front of her house.

Suddenly God appeared with great speed. Seeing the woman, he halted and asked: "Lady, have you seen death?" "No, Sir," replied the old woman. "I am rather blind and death is not here. Maybe he passed by running." But because he knows everything, God said: "You have hidden death. So from now on you