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Site Last Update: 19 Oct, 2019
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The Parable of On the Way to Bauleni
This parable takes place after the end of the 1994 African Synod as two Zambian bishops return to Lusaka from Rome. In the story they become the two disciples returning to Emmaus. The two bishops are tired, disappointed, disillusioned, and even depressed about their month of hard work in Rome and the uncertain results. They are helped by a taxi cab driver named Mtonga who takes them to a meeting of a Small Christian Community in an area known as Bauleni, an estate established by squatters. A young woman with a two-week-old baby named "Sinodi," a young man with the dreams of youth, and an elderly refugee speak with the bishops. The parable narrates: "The bishops listened, their hearts moved. Why were they bored while listening to the solemn speeches given in the Vatican hall during the synod? Instead the simple language of their people set their hearts on fire. Their tiredness was gone. They felt more and more at home."

In an interesting African twist to the biblical parable, Mtonga and the SCC members together as a community are the Jesus figure in the story. The lay Christians together minister to the two bishops and give them new hope. In the last part of the parable the younger bishop says: "They have proclaimed the Resurrected Lord to us." (Story told by Father Renato Kizito Sesana, MCCJ)