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Site Last Update: 19 Oct, 2019
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God is Like A Large Baobab Tree
One day my pick-up truck broke down on the road from Maswa to Bariadi in Western Tanzania. After I had waited for half an hour, a big Coca-Cola truck came by and the driver, named Musa, kindly towed my vehicle to the next town. This was a not-uncommon occurrence of friendship and mutual help on our poor dirt roads.

While we drove into town I sat in his big cab and we talked about, of all things, religion. Musa was a Muslim who belonged to the Nyamwezi ethnic group.

In commenting on the tensions between Christians and Muslims in Tanzania, he said, “There is only one God. God is like a large Baobab tree with different branches that represent the different religions of Islam, Christianity, African religion, and so forth. These branches are part of the same family of God - so we should work together.”

Simply put, Musa taught me a wonderful African metaphor for world religions and interreligious dialogue.

Rev. Joseph G. Healey, M.M.
Nairobi, Kenya
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