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Site Last Update: 26 Jan, 2020

2018 Calendar

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1 December 2018, DThe brother or sister who does not respect the traditions of the elders will not be allowed to eat with the elders. Ga (Ghana) Proverb 107
2 November 2018, An okra tree does not grow taller than its master. Krio (Sierra Leone) Proverb 126
3 October 2018, Cows are born with ears; later they grow horns. Nuba-Tira (Sudan) Proverb 121
4 September 2018, When a leaf falls to the ground, the tree gets the blame/the shame goes to the tree. Nyanja (Mozambique, Zambia, Zimbabwe) Proverb Chewa (Malawi) Proverb 116
5 August 2018, Leave bad things, talk peace/ Drive peace my colleagues. Sheng (Kenya) Saying 136
6 July 2018, If you refuse the advice of an elder you will walk until sunset. Kuria (Kenya, Tanzania) Proverb 118
7 June 2018, The patience of a young girl brings joy to the parents; at the end it brings celebration. Rundi (Burundi and Rwanda) Proverb 132
8 May 2018, Your friend's mother is your mother too. Digo (Mijikenda) Kenya Proverb 115
9 April 2018, A child eats at his/her parents even if he/ she has poured out the flour. Nyanga (Northern Kivu Province Walikale Territory, DRC) Proverb 119
10 March 2018, A cow's horn cannot kill its calf. Kalenjin (Kenya and Uganda) Proverb 115
11 February 2018, Young growing cuttings determine a good harvest of cassava. Tonga (Malawi) Proverb 115
12 January 2018 Use of brains begets wealth. Sheng (Kenya) Saying 120