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Site Last Update: 26 Jan, 2020

2017 Calendar

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1 December 2017, Major problems have solution with the old men. Eton proverb from Cameroon, Eq- Guinea, Gabon and Sao tome & Principe. 124
2 November 2017, A cow’s horn cannot kill its calf. Kalenjin (Kenya and Uganda) Proverb 129
3 October 2017, A good name is better than a nice scent. Burji (Ethiopia, Kenya) Proverb 117
4 September 2017, The hoes of two people cultivating together in a field sometimes clash (hit) against each other. Sukuma (Tanzania) Proverb. 115
5 August 2017, A faithful woman is a crown to her husband. Gusii (Kenya) Proverb 99
6 July 2017, Tall stories destroy the family relationship. Luba--Katanga (Democratic Republic of Congo – DRC) Proverb 126
7 June 2017, Brothers who get along will always defeat the enemy. Mashi (Democratic Republic of Congo -- DRC) Proverb 123
8 May 2017 Your friend’s mother is your mother too. Digo (Mijikenda) Kenya Proverb 110
9 April 2017, Members of the same family are open to each other and can discuss anything. Samburu (Kenya) Proverb 119
10 March 2017, The person who sees the in-laws to be bad is not the engaged woman. Tembo (DRC) Proverb 116
11 February 2017, A child eats at his/her parents even if he/she has poured out the flour. Nyanga (DRC) Proverb 114
12 January 2017, A greedy man always has his eye on his wife’s pot. Kele (Democratic Republic of Congo) Proverb 127

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