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Site Last Update: 19 Sep, 2019

2018 African Proverb of the Month

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1 December 2018 The tongue can bring big problems to the cheek. Joba (Democratic Republic of the Congo and Tanzania) Proverb 831
2 November 2018 The beauty of a woman is to please her husband and what she does for the people of her community. Kabwari (Democratic Republic of the Congo) Proverb 713
3 October 2018, The salesperson (seller or merchant) does not have only one door. Sukuma (Tanzania) Proverb 1182
4 September 2018 A rich person can’t respect poor ones. Hemba (DR Congo, Zambia and Tanzania) Proverb 1117
5 August 2018 Two fingers killed a louse. Saamia (Kenya and Uganda) Proverb 973
6 July 2018 The weak cow broke the pot and said, “I blame the person who pushed me”. Runyoro (Uganda) Proverb 1176
7 June 2018 A house with children never lacks noise. Sango (Central African Republic, Chad, Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Republic of the Congo, Tanzania) Proverb 1178
8 May 2018 A cow's horn does not kill its calf. Nandi (Kenya) Proverb 1140
9 April 2018 No person can talk about hunger better than the one who suffered it. Taabwa (DRC, Tanzania and Zambia) Proverb 1089
10 March 2018 When you reap problems, you share with your family. Nande (Democratic Republic of Congo – DRC, Uganda)Proverb 1216
11 February 2018 A family that has a son will never lose the debts owed to them. Rendille (Kenya) Proverb 1319
12 January 2018 To make marks on the trees. Sukuma (Tanzania) Proverb/Story 1978