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Site Last Update: 19 Nov, 2019

2005 African Proverbs of the Month

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1 Jan. 2005: "The cure of the Ma'di is Ma'di." - Ma’di (Sudan, Uganda) Proverb 6090
2 Feb. 2005: "Termites cause death, damage, and great harm to white ants." - Luo (Kenya, Tanzania) Proverb 8189
3 Mar. 2005: "How are things? Cool! " - Swahili (Eastern and Central Africa) Proverb 14906
4 Apr. 2005: "The one who eats has tasted the hardship of labor." - Tembo (Democratic Republic of the Congo) Proverb 6863
5 May 2005: "The pants of today are better than the breeches of tomorrow." - Moore (Burkina Faso) Proverb 5996
6 Jun. 2005: "If you do not listen to good advice, you will be embarrassed in public." - Oshiwambo (Namibia) Proverb 7307
7 Jul. 2005: "To punch with a strong fist, you need to turn over your hand." - Kongo (Angola and DRC) Proverb 5688
8 Aug. 2005: "Swallow saliva before you cross a one-log bridge." - Ngoni (Tanzania, Mozambique) Proverb 6398
9 Sep. 2005: "Provided no person stunts or destroys a sprouting palm kernel seedling, it will definitely grow into a palm tree." - Esan (Nigeria) Proverb 5962
10 Oct. 2005: "Kutokana na woga, kobe alikufa mashuani." - Lugbara (Uganda and DRC) Proverb 7970
11 Nov. 2005: "The person who has eaten and satisfied himself or herself does not care for the one who is hungry." - Matengo (Tanzania) Proverb 6604
12 Dec. 2005: "Patience can cook a stone." - Fulfulde (Benin, Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Central African Republic, Chad, Mali, Niger, Nigeria, Sudan, and Togo) Proverb 14322

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