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Site Last Update: 20 Aug, 2018

African Christmas Stories

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1 The Parable of the Person Who Couldn’t Find God 12919
2 The Night Before Christmas: An African Christmas Story 18441
3 The Turkana Celebrate a Feast of Light and Hope 7889
4 There Is Indeed "Room in the Inn!" 7827
5 The Legend of the Showoff Who Prepares For theThe Legend of the Showoff Who Prepares For the Visit of Jesus on Christmas Day 12745
6 Celebrating the Christmas Story in Tanzania 14010
7 I’m Sure This African Mary Understands My Swahili Prayers 8673
8 A Baby Girl Named Tandike 7242
9 The Parable of What Language Does God Speak? 16032
10 Retelling the Magi Story Around the World 8596

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