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Site Last Update: 28 Mar, 2017

2010 African Proverb of the Month

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1 Jan. 2010: "A stick is straightened while still young" - Kiga, Ankole (Uganda) Proverb 10165
2 Feb. 2010: "Do not boast about yourself before performing an event, but after the event." - Gusii (Kenya) Proverb 8370
3 Mar. 2010: "Wisdom is like fire. People take it from others." - Hema (Democratic Republic of Congo - DRC) Proverb 9339
4 Apr. 2010: "The reddish-brown biting ant that breaks away from the trail is the one that turns into the big black ant." - Soga, Ganda (Uganda) Proverb 6500
5 May 2010: "Tomorrow makes known to us what tomorrow will bring" - Sukuma (Tanzania) Proverb 7243
6 Jun. 2010: "Leave alone a dance you are unable to perform." - Lega (Democratic Republic Congo) Proverb 6339
7 Jul. 2010: "A well developed bush cannot lack or miss a useful tree to be felled." - Kamba (Kenya) Proverb 8089
8 Aug. 2010: "A stupid cow leads her calf near the road." - Hema (Democratic Republic of Congo - DRC) Proverb 24887
9 Sept. 2010: "You must treat the earth well. It was not given to you by your parents. It is loaned to you by your children." - Gikuyu (Kenya) Saying 16383
10 Oct. 2010: "A tree on a hill in the savannah is a meeting place for birds." - Bembe ( DRC, Tanzania) Proverb 10202
11 Nov. 2010: "One hand does not catch a buffalo" - Ewe (Ghana, Benin, Nigeria and Togo) Proverb 9030
12 Dec. 2010: "A hill with trees is the hand or finger of God. " - Gikuyu (Kenya) Proverb. 5993

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